We are trusted because of our way being, not because of our polished exteriors or our expertly crafted communications. 

At hellomyyoga, we are aspiring to build a trustworthy ecosystem of yogis & yoga centres. All the information aims to assist yogis to find their spiritual space to practice yoga. We aim to create a community that reviews these centres & helps in guiding other travelling yogis.

We know, once in a while, any one of the klesha (obstacle) from external world will try to make our equilibrium suffer. It will be by posting fake reviews so we thought it would be helpful to share our approach, our policies and the actions we take to identify, block and remove fraudulent reviews.

At hellomyyoga, the list of yoga centres include handpicked or referral yoga centres which are visited and verified by our team.

We believe yoga was never a business, it is a yoga guru energy & knowledge that she/he shares with her/his students. It is also a yoga centre’s ambience that makes it easier for students to connect with the teachers. The reviews for centres are calculative and each point has some marks allocated and cumulative score appears on the review section of yoga centres.

All individuals are different and we respect their feedback, therefore we don’t take it lighter to remove it we don’t consider any feedback light enough to be removed. But we also know that many unchosen yoga centres will try to penetrate through the system. Only members of hellomyyoga, who “book space” from the profile page of  yoga centre available on hellomyyoga portal can review that yoga centre.If a yoga centre listed on hellomyyoga website gets reviews which we find fake and tries to malign its reputation, then hellomyyoga team will first get a confirmation from centre  about the presence of such a student in class. If she/he was not present at the centre it will get deleted. But, if yoga centre accepts it and accepts the traveller’s experience then hellomyyoga allows getting the review published.

We do not encourage any kind of preferential treatments to any of the yoga centres as this is a completely unbiased social endeavour.

hellomyyoga is governed by yama and niyama, “ethical guidelines are laid out for hellomyyoga standard operating processes”

Content Integrity Policy
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