The Love of the Lord


A key commandment often given to people is to fear the Lord. However, it should not be mistaken for an emotion of terror. We must remember that God is loving, compassionate, and forgiving; but he also is holy, just, and righteous.

In this blog, we will explore the lives of women who defied societal norms and fell in love with God. These expressions of love between a man and a woman gave way to intense expressions of devotion, where the devotee became the heroine, and God became the hero.

  • Mirabai

Mirabai was deeply devoted to Lord Krishna. It became a subject of concern for those around her when she refused to worship the gods of her new family and continued worshipping Shri Krishna Bhagwan. Her father-in-law tried to kill her with a poisonous drink. Not knowing it was poisonous she drank the entire glass without hesitation. But her deep love for Shri Krishna was such that he saved her from the effects of the poison.
The names of Govind, Giridhari, Gopal were always on her lips. With her Ektaro in hand, she sang hundreds of Bhajans and Kirtans that she had composed herself – with unfailing love and devotion for Shri Krishna. When Mira looked at the world, she always saw Krishna in every living being. Living beings were nothing but different manifestations of Shri Krishna Himself. As long as the name of Krishna exists, so will the existence of Mira too.

  • Mahadevi

Mahadevi was known for her vachanas which she composed in praise of Lord Shiva. After marrying King Kaushika, she became withdrawn from him and devoted herself completely to Shiva. Eventually, she abandoned the world and became a follower of Vira Saivas.
One day, frustrated with his unconsummated marriage, King gets fed up and decides to provoke Mahadevi by telling her that no matter what she does or wears – it belongs to him, and not Shiva. According to legend, it is said that Mahadevi cast off everything, including her clothes in front of everyone.

  • Andal

Andal was discovered as a baby near a Tulsi bush and eventually ‘married’ Lord Ranganathan. ‘Nalayira Divya Prabandham’- a collection of 4000 Tamil verses includes her work as well. Andal is the only woman who is acknowledged to be an Alwar. Eventually, Andal transformed into a graceful young woman- but she insisted she would not get married to any other man except Lord Ranganatha (Lord Vishnu, who resided at the temple of Srirangam). Legend says that Lord suddenly appeared to Vishnuchitta and asked for wedding preparations with Andal. It is said that Andal became one with her Lord Ranganatha in a blaze
of light.”

Loving God means you don’t need anything else for happiness, loving God is the cure for all fears! God loves you unconditionally – no matter what you do or how you act, God will always be there waiting patiently for you to change your ways. You don’t need to look far – God is right there next to you every step of the way.


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