Yoga for Metabolic Syndrome: A Perspective that Works!


Yoga has been touted for its benefits to the body and mind since long before it was popularized in the West. People who practice yoga constantly rave about how it benefits them both mentally and physically.

A recent study offers some insight into how yoga can help those struggling with metabolic syndrome. Yoga’s slimming effects may hold a key to reversing insulin resistance and, thus, metabolic syndrome.

How do you know if it’s a Metabolic Syndrome?

Perhaps your clothes are tight around the waist. Or maybe it just feels that way because your blood pressure has gone up, or your blood sugar levels have risen, or your blood lipid levels aren’t normal anymore. These might be the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. 

People with metabolic syndrome are twice as likely to experience a heart attack or stroke than those without it.

The root cause of the metabolic syndrome is insulin resistance, which starts off as a small problem but turns into diabetes- something much worse if left untreated. One of the other defining characteristics of this disorder is an increased waistline that causes insulin resistance. 

Yoga to the Rescue

Yoga is an often prescribed method for combating health conditions related to insulin resistance such as diabetes and hypertension. One of the benefits that Yoga offers, unlike some other treatments, is its ability to combat more than one condition related to metabolic syndrome at once.

But how does a regular yoga routine help to maintain blood pressure, blood sugar, or blood lipid levels?

Join Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani for Yoga Cikitsā Topic 2 – “Impact of Yoga on Metabolic Syndrome” and to learn how yoga helps in improving the quality of life of person suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Welcome to attend this program to enlighten yourself about how metabolic syndrome has been contributing to serious health issues in the long term and how Yoga Cikitsā can be an answer to it.

Program Highlights 

Day 1– 7th October

  • Yoga Chikitsa: An overview
  • Understanding Metabolic Syndrome
  • Role of Yoga in MetS
  • Q/A

Day 2– 8th October

  • Stress and its role in MetS
  • Lifestyle modifications for MetS
  • Practices to manage MetS 
  • Q/A


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